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IKYA Alignedd Space Clearing is a method for balancing and adjusting your home, office or garden, and brings balance and harmony to your surroundings.


The method’s premise is that all elements and levels of life can work harmoniously together. We loosen up blockages and programmings that hinder flow and enable your home and surroundings to support and foster your unfoldment.


IKYA Aligned Space Clearing creates a neutral and supportive environment that gives space to all that is there. You can receive insights and recognition during the treatment as blockages loosen and are processed. Your home is in many ways a three-dimensional model of your and your family’s processes, and through IKYA Aligned Space Clearing much is often revealed.


Everything we think and feel is broadcasted. A home is under constant programming by those who live there; thus our home over time will function as a self-confirming mirror that reinforces our stories and causes us to become even more mired in our old patterns. Many experience that it is easier to change our thoughts, emotions and patterns after an IKYA Aligned Space Clearing. The environment is reset, and your mirroring becomes clearer.


You will be able to more easily fill your home with clear intentions for what you wish it to be. Most people experience this process as a proper spring cleaning of the home’s energy and blockages, and you will be able to feel a new freshness and openness in the space.


IKYA Aligned Space Clearing works well for all types of homes, gardens, offices, building and other environments.

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