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We have online booking at our clinics. You may also contact one of the practitioners directly to make an appointment. Reserving, changing or canceling an appointment can be done directly on online booking on our website, or directly with your practitioner. Our clinic email address is for general questions about IKYA methodology, guidance about different techniques or which types of therapies are right for you. Welcome!

Canceling or changing your appointment

Cancellation deadline for appointments with IKYA Practitioners is two (2) business days. You can change or cancel your appointment up to 2 business days before your scheduled appointment time. Online booking works well. After that deadline, it is no longer possible to cancel your appointment without being invoiced in full, regardless of whether you come to your appointment or not.

Appointments with Master Practitioner IKYA have a cancellation deadline of seven (7) days before your scheduled appointment. Changes and cancellations after this deadline are not possible without paying for your appointment in full, regardless of whether you come to your appointment or not.

If you get sick

If illness should prevent you from attending your appointment with either IKYA Practitioners or Master Practitioner IKYA, and you are not able to cancel your appointment before the cancellation deadline, please send by email to your practitioner a letter from your doctor certifying that you are unable to make your appointment.


We prefer that you pay for your appointment with bank card or Vipps after completion of your treatment. We prefer to not receive cash payments. Your practitioner may send you an invoice after your treatment. Unpaid invoices will be followed up before they are eventually sent to collections.

Payment for appointments with Master Practitioner IKYA is due seven (7) days before your appointment time. Payment is made by invoice only, and we will send you an invoice to your registered email address.

A receipt for your treatment may be printed or sent afterwards by email, either after each treatment, or as a combined receipt for all your treatments. Please inform your practitioner of your needs.

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