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IKYA Satsang Sessions are a personal spiritual teaching that touches all levels of your existence, and that can help put you in touch with the broader lines of your life. You can access more advanced insights and will more easily be able to understand how to navigate and to get the best out of yourself and your life. IKYA Satsang Sessions are only performed by IKYA's founder, and they are a unique opportunity to experience the IKYA method directly from the source.


This teaching penetrates deeply into your consciousness. We look at your larger cycles of incarnation, your karmic preparation and your level of evolution, and we go into all your levels of existence and expression.


At the first appointment, we usually focus on giving a basic overview of a main karmic theme, how it unfolds in the incarnation, and the cycles and incarnations this life is a part of – which allows you to experience that the pieces fall into place. You will understand more about why your incarnation unfolds in certain ways, and how you can work on your spiritual growth in the most fruitful way.

From there, it is more about how to achieve targeted results. For each session, more competence is transferred, and your insight increases, both practically and spiritually. You get concrete homework where you will practice techniques, mindsets and actions. Over time, you will be able to experience that your life opens up and that your potentials are realized.


IKYA Satsang Sessions differ from the ordinary IKYA Treatment. We go deeper, and the transfer of information is more direct. The form is teaching and conversation, but from a higher consciousness. The Sessions can activate your innermost essence to a greater extent, and optimize your plan for this incarnation.

IKYA Satsang Sessions give you the opportunity to understand yourself and your incarnation from a higher perspective. It's like being lifted up into a lookout tower. You can see your landscape more clearly so that you can navigate in the way you want. IKYA Satsang Sessions will have a profound effect on your transformation processes, and trigger a more true healing on all levels. You can experience that your process accelerates.


You cannot make audio or video recording during IKYA Satsang Sessions. We recommend that you bring paper and a pen. You will get a lot of information, and there is too much to remember. Many people experience IKYA Satsang Sessions as overwhelming, and there can be many impressions and thoughts that must be processed afterwards. At the same time, the Sessions create a clarity and direction that many express they have never experienced before. You may also experience that you are lifted into a higher consciousness during an IKYA Satsang Session, and you will be able to see things more clearly than you do in your daily life. Thus, it is important to write down your observations. We also recommend that you sit down immediately after the Session and make further notes about your thoughts, feelings and insights.

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It is to your advantage, but not a requirement, that you have received an IKYA Treatment from an IKYA Therapist before attending an IKYA Satsang Session. This means that you will be better prepared and you will be better able to make use of the information and guidance you receive.


IKYA Satsang Sessions can be combined with other IKYA therapies. How often you want to come to IKYA Satsang Sessions is up to you. Some come every month, and others come a few times a year.


We recommend that you write down questions in the weeks and days before the Session, and review those questions the day before, so that you can ask the questions that are important to you during the Session.


We also recommend that you meditate daily in the period before and after your IKYA Satsang Sessions, so that your consciousness is able to absorb and process the information as much as possible. Many people experience that their own process is intensified in the weeks and days before the physical IKYA Satsang Sessions. This is common and is part of the process. We also recommend that you be more careful with your diet. Eat cleaner food, and feel free to carry out a fast (either where you eat little and light or a drinking fast), for three days before the Session. This type of fasting increases your receptivity. The more you purify and open your consciousness in advance, the deeper we can go during the Session.


The deadline for both cancellation and payment for all appointments with Master Practitioner IKYA is 7 days before your appointed time.

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