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IKYA Bodywork is a treatment that works with your body as the learning arena. The body is the junction between your inner and outer universe and will manifest and mirror the conversations you have in your life's process.


Every time you experience resistance or denial in yourself, your body will create a blockage. All manifestations in your body can be understood as a «no,» that life has shown you something you misunderstand or deny. IKYA Bodywork connects these different parts together such that there will be a better dialogue. 

 Your recognition processes will go more quickly, and your blockages will dissolve faster. IKYA assists the body in cooperating better and functioning more as a fine-tuned communication tool for your life and development.

The treatment opens your consciousness and body to balance blockages. You will receive assistance in opening your conversation with your «no’s» and gradually in letting go of your resistance. In that way, IKYA Bodywork opens you to healing and circulation at many levels and is a very active and deeply effective technique.

Each manifestation of your resistance is a potential for learning and realisation. IKYA Bodywork raises your awareness of deep, suppressed traumas and programmings. They become available to you such that you can move completely out into your life and create the changes you need. You will experience increased life skills and joy in your body and mind.


By freeing yourself and your body from old resistance, you will experience freedom, flow, harmony and life’s joy. As we say in IKYA: your body is your temple but also your amusement park.

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