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Our four-legged friends – or really, everone who is not a person – also benefit from IKYA. We look at all lifeforms as equal and as Atma (soul) in their evolution and unfoldment. IKYA works with animals in the same way it works with people. They go through their own processes and are truly more like us than different from us.


IKYA adapts its treatment to each lifeform and consciousness. Animals are individuals with their own consciousnesses and life unfoldment. They are often affected by their family’s karma and challenges, and we assist the animal in their development and healing.


Our method, focus, approach and principles are no different with animals, but we must consider that their bodies and consciousnesses are different than those of human beings. Animals are more strongly connected to collective consciousness but are still individuals on their life’s journey and development.


All types of animals can benefit from this type of treatment. Animals have their own spiritual unfoldment just like people and other individuals, and we can assist them at a more comprehensive level. IKYA is an effective method for animals, and they often recognize changes in their flow and life energy.

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