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IKYA (pronounced ee-kah-yuh) is a method within vibrational medicine that works with your consciousness and all that lies behind manifestation. IKYA gives you the opportunity to release your own inner self-healing. We map out the patterns, cycles and unfolding of your life’s path, diving into the core of your life processes. We assist you to release your inner reality to be a creative force in your life. You will experience deeper insights, see connections and live in flow.


IKYA works on the principle that all diseases and conditions are rooted in deeper underlying causes. We see all physical states as an expression of everything that you have not processed in your inner life, and the body is thus the meeting point of your inner and outer worlds. All experiences, thoughts and feelings that you repress or are not in dialogue with, will create conditions and manifestations, both in your body and in your life.

IKYA maintains that the key to deeper healing lies in dissolving underlying blockages and processes. When your inner flow is restored, your body and life are receptive to finding their innate balance.


In the process of opening your consciousness and awareness, most people will have the experience of being stuck. You can feel that you are blocking yourself, but you do not understand how or what it takes to move forward. IKYA is unique in how it identifies and increases your awareness of your blindspots, helping to activate them and shedding light on how to navigate the different areas of your life from a point of higher perspective.


Therefore, IKYA focuses not on the illness or symptoms but is a specialized method for healing underlying processes. Simply put, we treat your entire self,  life and manifestations as one cohesive reality.

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IKYA can give you:

  • Increased level of self-healing

  • Processing of underlying causes in all health-related issues

  • Experience of cohesiveness in your life

  • Increased flow in all areas

  • Expanded awareness

  • True participation in your life

  • Increased overall happiness

  • Increased life skills

  • Experience of being in sync with yourself and your life

  • Heightened contact with your inner worlds

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Stronger sense of love and belonging

  • Help in letting go of old patterns

  • Deeper understanding of who you are¨

  • Enhanced ability to tackle challenges

  • Clearer understanding of your current incarnation

  • Insight into the bigger picture

  • Clearer life direction

  • Emancipation of your potentials

  • More patience and empathy

  • A stronger connection between your inner and outer worlds

  • Experience of more balance and harmony

  • More presence with a stronger foundation in life

  • A more dynamic unfolding of your life

  • Increased ability to achieve your goals

  • Strength and insight to live your life authentically

  • Experience of life as one cohesive reality

IKYA allows your natural essence to shine more strongly, such that you can live more in harmony with your inner self and develop freely the being you truly are. True healing requires living authentically. You will experience through IKYA that you are more true to yourself and the world, and you will naturally allow more flow and love. You can experience small and large shifts in your thoughts, feelings, health and manifestations of your life. Gradually, you will come to more significant insights, deeper healing and harmony.


IKYA’s essence is living fully as the being you truly are, without excuses or fear, and realizing your full potentials. By gradually dissolving your blockages, you will experience that you are right where you need and want to be, both in yourself and in your life.


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IKYA Klinikken - Om IKYA
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