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In IKYA De- Armouring we are working with our deepest blockages, patterns and programs that stops us from being fully present in our bodies and in our life.


The focus is on connecting your consciousness and your body and increasing your flow, your life force energy and let everything that stands in the way of you showing up in your life dissolve.


To be truly present in life, and incarnate your full potential in this lifetime you have to let go of your stories and misunderstandings that have manifested in the body. The body will always show where you are trying to hide, where you are not showing up, where your stories have manifested as blockages. All the places you are holding back and not participating, not connecting and co-creating with life.

IKYA De-Armouring is about dissolving the armour we have created, trying to protect ourselves from life and limiting our potential. It is impossible to be spiritually present and in communication and co-creation with life when you are walking around in full armour and blocking your flow.


IKYA De-Armouring dissolves your blockages and misunderstanding and makes you more available, lets you incarnate more fully into your body so you can activate your true potential.


We work directly with the body, releasing blockages, stress and tension using deep tissue pressure point techniques. We work on connecting your consciousness with your body and facilitate deep healing on all levels of your being.


​When your sexual center is open and your life- force/sexual energy is flowing freely it will be easier to navigate, connect and exchange with life and be more present and in direct contact with life.

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