Many have deeper existential questions. Where do we come from? What is the purpose of this incarnation? What is my life's calling?


In the process of awakening, you can experience that memories as Atma (soul) slowly return to you. You begin to understand that you exist in a larger context, and you understand that you are here to complete certain tasks. At the same time, you are unclear what those tasks are.


You feel that gravity pulls you forward in your spiritual evolution, but you do not yet see the bigger picture or clear memories. At the same time, you KNOW, which can create frustration. You are so close but are missing some pieces of the puzzle. You can work consciously and goal-oriented in your process, but are you certain you are doing what will bring most growth?

IKYA Soul Reading™ is a method that goes deeply into your consciousness and looks at your larger cycles of incarnation, your karmic mechanics and your level of evolution, while addressing all your levels of existence and expression.


In a typical session, we focus on a fundamental overview of a main theme in your life, how that theme plays out in your incarnation, and the larger cycles and incarnations this life is a part of, such that you experience the puzzle pieces fitting into place. You will understand more about why this incarnation is playing out in certain ways and how you can work with your spiritual growth in the most productive manner.


IKYA Soul Reading™ gives you the opportunity to understand yourself and your incarnation from a higher perspective, as though lifting you up to an observation deck. You will see the landscape around you more clearly so that you can navigate in the way you choose.


IKYA Soul Reading™ will have a deep impact on your transformational processes and release true healing at all levels.



To receive an IKYA Soul Reading™, you must prepare yourself thoroughly, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is recommended that you eat clean, light foods for a few weeks beforehand and fast three days prior to the reading. You should also meditate and implement other spiritual practices regularly for several weeks before your reading.


This service is for those who experience themselves as more mature in their personal growth process and who wish to open themselves to a perspective greater than that of the ego. Your preparations will determine how high a perspective you can achieve. Your mind’s receptory system will be the limiting factor as to which types of information and adjustments will be given.


You must be prepared that you will have strong reactions, as deep patterns will be activated, and you must also be prepared for necessary spiritual work for several months after the reading.

Both cancellation, change and payment deadline for appointments with Master Practitioner IKYA is seven (7) days before your scheduled appointment time.

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